1991, Koln, Germany
Daniel Buchholz Gallery, Venloer Str. 21

Haha sealed the main entrance to the gallery with a sheet of glass, offering only visual access to the space, though the public could gain access through the storeroom. Inside, a seven-meter-long wooden desk, replacing the original gallery desk, ran from wall to wall, bisecting the room. The desk divided the gallery into a large office area, 80% of the room, and a small exhibition area, now reduced to the remaining 20%. Haha built shelves into the window wells to make visible the gallery's business records and files.

Apartment, Brësseler Str. 85.

In walking distance from the gallery, the gallerist's home became a viewing space. A bench of the same construction as the desk and echoing the gallery's square modernist design, intercepted all four rooms of the apartment. The bench became a place to sit, linger and look; especially during the wild opening party which took place not in the gallery but in the gallerist's home.

Booth #46, Cologne Art Fair.

Haha installed a set of steps in the booth of Galerie Daniel Buchholz for one day. By climbing to the top of the steps, the public achieved an overview of the fair. From the adjoining booths, viewers' heads could be seen peering over the top of the walls.