1996, 60 minute videotape

On-line editing: John Grod

Haha interviewed seventeen residents of the Carrillo Retirement Hotel in Santa Barbara, CA, about how the hotel fit, or didn't fit, their concept of "home." The residents' socio-
economic backgrounds ranged from recently homeless to old-school aristocracy. The project took an unexpected turn two months after the interviews, when Haha learned that the hotel was going to be demolished. Haha flew back to Santa Barbara to do a second series of interviews, focusing on the residents' responses to this news. The series of short videotapes are based on interviews and interactions with residents, before and after notification of the hotel's impending demolition.

Hotel Shorts was aired on public access TV in Santa Barbara, on a monitor at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, and on a monitor at the entrance to the City Council Assembly Hall, while the fate of the Hotel was being discussed. The project addressed not only the situation of the Carrillo residents, but also issues relevant to anyone who will grow old in America without the guarantee of public support.