2000, Grimaldi Forum
Monte Carlo, Monaco

The "Air/Air" exhibition inaugurated the new Grimaldi Forum, an enormous conference center on the Cote d'Azur. Artists and designers from all over the world were flown to Monte Carlo to install their inflatable works. The curators invited Haha to remake "Nana," a lipstick-covered helium blimp originally conceived for and shown in Grenoble, France, in 1992. Rather than remaking "Nana," Haha initially proposed a distillation of the essence of Nana, in the form of a public kissing project involving the museum guards. This idea did not meet the curatorial guidelines, and Haha created "Rose d"Amour" instead. This blimp, essentially the same shape and size as Nana, was smeared with pale pink Agnes B. lipstick.

Haha proposed to install "Rose d"Amour" in the lobby of the Grimaldi Forum, where it would get the most exposure to Prince Albert when he arrived. One of the important qualities of "Rose d'Amour" (and of "Nana" too) was the potential for unrestricted movement. However, the curators at "Air/Air" insisted on "Rose" remaining on the basement level, in one small area, lead weights keeping her low to the ground. When the Prince arrived, however, the blimp unexpectedly rose to greet him. Eventually, "Rose" was retrieved and secured with sandbags for the remainder of the exhibit.