2003, Chicago, Illinois
2004, North Adams, Massachussetts

Taxi is a car with a digital advertising sign attached to the roof. Linked to a global positioning system, the message changes relative to the car's location, addressing specific neighborhoods, addresses, and audiences. The technology can target an area as small as a square block. Haha solicits messages through email list serves and through direct contact with various groups throughout the city. The animated messages are pre-programmed in a computer integrated into the cab's architecture. Messages come from people who live in a chosen area ("This is the best neighborhood ever (except for the gangs), I want to send a shout out to my mom and dad" — West town in Chicago); or from someone who wants to intervene in the assumptions of a specific place ("Go home Wal-mart" in front of a Wal-mart big box store). Messages range between the political and the personal ("Don't mess with my Fro," "We need jobs not war," "Hi Honey!"). Instead of promoting products, Taxi uses the technology to voice the thoughts and opinions of citizens and groups as the car travels through city neighborhoods.